KUDOS Competition White Sculptor Gel, 13ml

Kudos Competition White Sculptor Gel, 13ml
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KUDOS Sculpting Gels

The KUDOS gels were first introduced by Iryna Giblett in 2009 and remain popular for their ease of sculpting, quality and lack of lifting or yellowing. Since the introduction of the IKON.iQ gels in 2011, we have significantly reduced the price of the KUDOS gels to make them especially attractive to students studying to become nail technicians. 

KUDOS Clear Sculptor Gel

  • Higher viscosity gel that doesn't run into the side walls
  • Warm to hot in UV lamp, flash curing recommended for clients with thin nails
  • Extremely durable gel that is ideal for clients with hard physical jobs (e.g. gardeners, office cleaners)
  • Does not yellow. Excellent adhesion.

KUDOS Cover Pink Sculptor Gel

  • Natural looking pink camoflage gel
  • Covers imperfections in the natural nail plate
  • Ideal for nail bed extensions
  • Medium to higher viscosity for better sculpting control

KUDOS White Snow Sculptor Gel

  • Higher viscosity gel that doesn't run into the side walls
  • Bright white, applies without shadows
  • Does not yellow

UV Lamp Curing Times

  • Iryna Giblett "Crystal" CCFL + UV Lamp: 60 to 90 seconds
  • Standard 36W UV lamp: 120 seconds



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