Аппликации для нейл арта NailHugs: Happy Hippie, 4 упаковки

Аппликации для нейл арта NailHugs: Happy Hippie, 4 упаковки
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NailHug Nail Art Appliqués

  • fast and easy way to create nail art
  • use for full cover, decorated French tips or design elements
  • works on nail polish, gel, gel polish or acrylic
  • four 5cm x 5cm appliqués per pack 

NailHugs are a totally new way to create nail art for manicures and pedicures, that is really easy to apply and fast. You can use a NailHug design to cover the whole nail or cut into a smaller piece for a French tip, or other nail art accent. NailHugs can be applied on natural nails, nail polish, gel polish, gel and acrylic. Once it’s applied you simply use your preferred top coat to protect and seal the design - it's important that the top coat is flexible, so we recommend using a gel polish top coat instead of some top gels. A NailHug nail will last for at least 4 weeks and is removed by light filing.

Each NailHug pack has four appliqués, 5cm x 5cm. This is enough for between 26 to 32 full sized nails depending on nail size, and there will be pieces left over that you can use for accents. If you use only for French, there should be enough for 60 to 80 nails. 


  1. Prepare the nail. If using gel, acrylic or gel polish do all the normal steps and stop before the top coat. 
  2. Cut the Nail Hug appliqué to the desired shape. If applying to the full nail, cut a little over sized because of the curve of the nail. 
  3. Remove the bottom plastic film. 
  4. Apply the NailHug on the nail. Press down with the thumb and then use an orange stick to press from the centre to the side walls. Don’t remove the NailHug or it may not adhere correctly the second time. 
  5. When you are comfortable every part has been pressed down, remove the top plastic film.
  6. Now apply your preferred nail polish top coat to seal and protect the NailHug design. The top coat needs to be flexible, so we recommend using a Gel Polish top coat instead of a top gel.


  1. Remove the NailHug using either a hand file , e-file or soaking off the material as usual. 



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