UV Lamps

The SUN 2S LED-UV lamp has been tested and determined to correctly cure all of the gel and gel polish products that are produced by Iryna Giblett. The SUN 2S contains both 365nm and 405nm LED's that are used to cure traditional hard gels and newer LED-compatible hard gels and gel polishes. This LED-UV lamp has an automatic sensor to turn on the UV light, and also has timer buttons. 

The SUN2S is available from Amazon for approximately 40€ including VAT and shipping:


Having used the two SUN 2S LED-UV lamps in our own salon for several months, we are very impressed by the fast cure times and overall performance. 



Although we have tested this LED-UV lamp with the Iryna Giblett products, we take no responsibility for the long-term reliability of the product, the warranty provided by the supplier or that it meets any European laws concerning electrical products - for example that the CE mark is valid. The decision to purchase the SUN 2S is at the purchasers risk.