KUDOS COOL Clear Sculptor Gel, 15ml

COOL Clear Sculptor Gel, 15ml
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The COOL gels are medium viscosity, produce low-heat when curing in the UV or LED-UV lamp and have a very affordable price. Use for sculpting or tips to create beautiful nails that don’t yellow or lift.


Cool Clear Gel

  • clear gel that can be used with tips or for sculpting
  • easy to apply with a medium viscosity
  • self-leveling and flexible
  • remains cool while curing

Cool Cover Peach Gel

  • camouflage gel with a warm peach color
  • used for nail bed extension or hiding imperfections in the natural nail


Cool Perfect Pink Gel

  • camouflage gel used for nail bed extensions or to hide imperfections in the natural nail


Curing time with UV lamp

36W UV lamp: 120 seconds

LED UV lamp: 60 seconds



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