NAILEBRITY TAKE2 It's Not A Wrap! Pro Salon Pack

Nailebrity Take2 Pro Salon Pack
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TAKE2 It's Not A Wrap! Try Me Pack

  • Eliminates the need to soak-off gel polish and nail polish
  • Gel polish typically lasts for 2 weeks or longer
  • Saves money on primer, base gel polish and remover liquid
  • A set of gel polish nails can be removed in less than 3 minutes
  • Ideal for students and NT who want to practice their gel or acrylic sculpting technique

This pack contains:

  • 20 sheets (200 film strips) that will do 20 sets of nails

Take2, It's Not A Wrap! is a new unique Protective Base Coat Film that replaces the need for primer and a base gel polish. It eliminates the need to soak-off the gel polish because it is easily peeled of the nail. This not only saves time but also protects the natural nail plate from damage during soak-off removal.

Use with any brand of Gel Polish
Just apply 2 or three layers of colour gel polish and then your top gel polish.

Use with any brand of Glitter Polish
Never struggle with removers and a glittery mess again.  Simply use a wood stick to easily remove your color.  

Use with any brand of Polish
Want your polish to last longer?  Apply it over Take2 and your polish will last twice as long without chipping.  And you can easily remove it without harsh chemicals.

Use with Acrylic or Gel
Take2 is ideal for practicing your sculpting technique or preparing for nail competitions. Educators can use Take2 to demonstrate techniques and easily remove the gel or acrylic nails from the model after. 

Simply use the included wood stick and quickly remove your color and never soak it off again. Wipe off any adhesive left on the nail with a gel wiping liquid. 


How to use Take2:

How to Remove Take2: 

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