Beauty Line with one flexible arm

Nail Salon Dust Filters: Beauty Line with one flexible arm
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Beauty Line Exclusive, with 1 flexibel arm

  • removes 99.95% of dust
  • removes 99.96% of chemical vapours
  • massive 5.8kg active carbon chemical vapour filter
  • can be fitted with two inlet hoses to work with two tables
  • low noise, less than 50 dB(A)
  • the only filter system authorised for nail salons in Sweden
  • tested and approved by Swedish government laboratory


Safety First

Dust and chemical vapours from nail products can cause eye irritation, asthma, allergies and contact dermatitis. The use of a professional ventilation system that extracts air to the outside, or a professional filter system is recommended by all nail product manufacturers and the working health departments of most governments. 

Independently Tested

The Beauty Line filters manufactured by Filtronic in Sweden are the only nail salon filter systems that have been independently tested in a laboratory to measure how much dust and chemical vapours they remove. SP Technical Research Institute is a Swedish government laboratory that has the responsibility to test and approve nail salon air filters. The minimum legal requirement is that the air filter system removes at least 99.95% of all dust and chemical vapours. The Beauty Line is the only filter tested to meet this requirement. 

What makes a good salon air filter design?

An effective salon air filter needs to be able to remove:

  • bigger particles of visible dust
  • small particles of invisible dust
  • chemical vapours


Bigger particles of dust are normally caught in the nose and less of a healthrisk than the invisible dust or chemical vapours that can be breathed into the lungs. A well designed air filter uses different filters for the visible and invisible dust, followed by an active carbon (charcoal) filter that neutralises the chemical vapours. 

The USA based Nail Manufacturers Council recommends that a filter should have at least 1kg of active carbon. No table top filter systems contain this. The Beauty Line contains a massive 5.8kg of active carbon to provide additional levels of safety. 

Quiet and Mobile

Producing less than 50 dB(A) of noise, the Beauty Line is one of the quietest filters on the market. When comparing this to other manufacturers remember that every increase of 3dB means the noise level has doubled. A filter that is 56 dB(A) therefore produces four times more noise than the Beauty Lines noise level of 50 dB(A).

Mounted on wheels, the Beauty Line is easy to move from one table from the salon to the classroom. It can be used with any table and the table doesn't need to have holes cut into it like under-table filters (also, most of these have small active carbon filters). 

One Table or Two?

Every Beauty Line is supplied with two air inlets. Both of these can be fitted with air inlet arms so one Beauty Line can work with two tables (these need to be quite close so that the arms reach each table). This makes the Beauty Line especially cost-effective for larger nail salons or use iin classrooms where there are many tables. If you purchase a one-arm version of the Beauty Line, the second inlet is supplied with a removable cap. A second arm can be purchased at any time in the future. 

Replacement Filters

The replacement time for the filters depends on if your salon only uses gel, only uses gel or uses both. It also depends on the number of customers the filter is used for. In general, the filters need replacing every 400 to 800 customers. For more information and cost calculations, please contact us. 

Manufactured by Experts

Filtronic are industrial air ventilation and filtration experts who have years if experience providing solutions for many industries. 





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